Recently I was awakened to a disgusting evil within the US.  It’s name is Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps of Topeka Kansas.  They are the epitome of religious extremism. I recommend taking some of your time and watching the documentary “Fall From Grace”.  Here is a clip on YouTube and there are many more there.

The fact that these people hate America so much and sing about it and protest about it and then they expect our Constitution to protect them with the freedom of speech amendment is what is sickening to me.  Why should our country protect a group of people who are directly disgracing everything America is about.  But in this wonderful country of ours we protect idiots like them.  As far as them using their children in these protests and teaching them to hate anything in my opinion is child abuse.  They have young children holding signs with stick figures doing sexual acts.  They spew “fag” like it’s the word “the”.  These children are being conditioned to hate and will have a hard time being “normal” adults. Why can’t we do something to help these children.  I understand every parent has the right to raise their child as they see fit. But to me this is unsafe and emotional mistreatment of a child.

A father of a fallen Marine, who’s funeral was picketed by Westboro Church is now suing.  He first won and then it was overturned on appeal.  Now the courts are ordering this man to pay the court costs of the Westboro Church. $16,500 worth of court costs. The father is now waiting for the Supreme Court to hear his case. This is an article about the case. 

 Bill O’Rielly has offered to pay the court cost out of his own pocket.  This is a very stand up thing for him to do.  If this father wins the Supreme Court case it will be huge. Maybe it would stop vile hate protests and the disruption of fallen soldiers funerals.  I do understand the importance of our first amendment rights, which allows me to even write this blog, but I also believe there is the exploitation of that right going on here.



Don’t feel sorry for me.

Why do people find the need to feel sorry for me because I haven’t “Found God”!? I’m not looking for Him!!! If I choose to not believe in a mythical being, so what.  I don’t feel in any way is my life lacking because I don’t go to church, I don’t pray, and I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.  There are so many more reasons to me not believe, then to believe.

I am a nurse, so I am a scientific person by nature. Therefore, I look at scientific data and recordings.  I also subscribe to the idea that man is in control of all his actions and blaming anything on anyone or anything else is shameful.  People don’t give themselves or nature much credit.  Like when a person survives a horrific car accident it is called a “miracle.”  No, it is well-trained doctors and nurses with years of experience in trauma that saved your life. Then it was your body doing what it knows how to do, heal itself.  To many God-fearing believers this might sound cold, but in my world this is the truth.

As I may find your beliefs hard to understand, you may find my beliefs hard to understand.  There are so many things about religion I could get into but today I choose not to.  I leave you with this.

Don’t feel sorry for “non-believers” because to them that is their “religion”.  That is what they choose to believe. Don’t try to “Save” me because well quite frankly, I’m perfectly fine and don’t need to be preached to.  In the end we will all have the same outcome, death. If I believe at death my heart stops and brain function ceases and you believe you pass on to a heaven or hell, what’s really the difference. In the end we are both dead and the rest of the world will continue to go on without us. Leave me to my beliefs, they are not hurting you.


Which came first, the Egg or the Rabbit??

My 10-year-old says to me today, “Mom,  why is there an Easter Rabbit and not an Easter Chicken?” My response was, “I have no idea.”  I told her I figured that when they were starting to make Easter  a commercial enterprise that a rabbit must have seemed more cuddly and friendlier to kids then a chicken. And the colored eggs seemed better than rabbit pellets to look for in the grass.

So how did the Easter bunny and eggs ever become a tradition? Being of a non-religious family, we don’t celebrate Easter as a religious holiday but as a commercial hypocritical holiday.  Why not partake in a day that you get candy and can play hide and seek with brightly colored hard-boiled eggs.

I have now learned that the rabbit or hare was used to represent the rebirth of things in spring time.  Since nothing reproduces more than a rabbit, I see this is a fit representation.  So now the next time your kid asks you why we have an Easter Bunny you can tell them “Because nothing mates and has babies like a rabbit!!”  OK, well maybe you don’t want to tell your kids that, but you should tell them that in the 1700’s the Pennsylvania Dutch needed a way to get their kids to behave, so they would tell them if they were good the “Oschter Haws” (their name for the Easter bunny) would lay a nest of colored eggs.  And the real reason it was eggs was because the Jews didn’t eat eggs during Lent and there was an over abundance of eggs that needed eaten.

So thank your Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors and your Jewish friends for starting the modern-day Easter Bunny.


Healthcare Haters!

I’ve been trying to figure out why so many people are against healthcare reform.  And as I pondered this and read some articles and even some Facebook posts, I started to realize why people are against it.  It’s not that they don’t want good healthcare is that they don’t think people of lower classes deserve it.  I think there is a deep-seated discontent for the unemployed and low-income.  When people think of the unemployed they think of someone living in the ghetto who is on drugs or too lazy to work.  They don’t feel these people have the right to the same privileges that they have.  They may not come out and say it but it’s there in their undertones.  

Has anyone ever stopped to think what might happen if the poorer people in our country had healthcare. If people had access to a doctor they may go and get help instead of self medicating with drugs and alcohol.  I worked for a drug and alcohol rehab and I saw 85% -90% of my clients didn’t have insurance. Some had it, than lost it. When they lost it they couldn’t afford their pain meds for a chronic illness so they turned to heroin. It was cheaper and easier to get than their meds. If they had healthcare maybe they could afford their meds and be able to work.

What about the girl who was raped or the people who were molested as children ( and don’t be blind to this large population that fall into this category) if they could get the counseling they need then maybe they won’t turn to alcohol to deal with their nightmares.

Why do we as a society try to keep people who are down and out, down and out. What are you afraid of? That some day the minority population in this country might just be on your same level. 

Now stop and think of the millions of Americans that are out of work due to this poor economy. Their plant shut down or their company made cuts.  These are hard-working people who got a shitty deal.  Why don’t they deserve to have healthcare people?  Oh and Cobra is that a choice? It is not an affordable choice.  Even with 65% paid by a government relief program it is unaffordable for a family with both spouses unemployed. $500 a month for a family of 5 with no income but unemployment. Not obtainable.

So if you are against healthcare reform stop and think of the real reason you are afraid of it.  And then own up to it. Stop making silly excuses like Obama is Hitler or the AntiChrist.  If all this that I spoke of in your eyes is socialism, Then maybe you can call me a Socialist, too!


Hello and Welcome to my world!

I know you all have been sitting on the edge of you seats waiting anxiously ever since I announced I was starting a blog.  How exciting it is for you to come read all my random babblings.  I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands lately and have been able to learn more about of this crazy world. For anyone who may wander upon this blog and not know me, here’s a little more about me. 

 I’m not a college educated woman and I don’t pretend to be either.  You will not see any great profound thinking here or anything highly intellectual. Just my logics and what I think of current events.  I’m a married mother of 3, who is currently “under employed.”  I work as a LPN about once or twice a month.  I grew up in a small town and still live about 5 miles from the house I grew up in. I’m rather liberal and not religious. I do vote, so YES, I do have the right to bitch!

A warning: I am a smart ass. No real way around that.  My husband complains on a daily basis about that. My blogs will probably offend some people and well that’s me.  I do want this blog to become more of a discussion board then just me babbling about my thoughts.  I want to hear what my readers have to say. I want to know your opinions and I want to learn about the world from your point of view, too. Now don’t take that as an invitation to bash me and write ignorant crap.  Because my biggest pet peeve is Stupid People.  If you have questions just ask. Hopefully this just the first is many of my writings. I hope that you enjoy my blog and walk away pondering what you have read.